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About Personal Trainer Websites

Personal Trainer Websites is part of Personal Trainer Network - an online directory for qualified personal trainers

Personal Trainer Network was created by David Ashton, a personal trainer for over 15 years. During this time, David has realised how important the internet has become as a marketing medium to run a successful personal training business.

If you are a personal trainer, can you afford NOT to have a website?

David Ashton - Personal Trainer

Trying to decide how and who should build your website can be a daunting task. Getting it wrong can be a very costly mistake, resulting in more damage than good. You may have thought about saving some money by designing your own website. This sound's good in theory, but in practice you can end up with an ineffective, dodgy homemade looking site that has also taken up a lot of your precious time to put together.

A website should serve a purpose, and that purpose is creating enquiries and new clients. Therefore, your website needs to be clear, easy to navigate, and effective at selling your services. If your site looks unprofessional or simply confusing to navigate around, customers will click away from your site long before you can tell them what a great trainer you are. Another important factor is to develop a site that people can actually find using the major search engines like Google and Yahoo, nothing beats attracting clients to your business for free!

If you are looking to create an attractive, clear and effective website that works, why not consider contacting us for an informal chat. By choosing us to develop your website, you will benefit from our experience and knowledge of both the personal training industry and website design. This helps us to focus on what is important for you - your customer!


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